Primeras instalaciones de Setas Meli (1973)

Setas Meli is a family business, nowadays it is the 3rd generation of farmers. We innovate to offer the best mushrooms at the best possible price. We wish that everyone can enjoy at home their own mushrooms grown with the best quality.

Setas Meli S.L has more than 42.000 m2 of conventional crops. 3.000 m2 of organic crops, 1.200 m2 of warehouse for the reception, classi cation, handling and packaging of fresh produce. We also have 1.500 m2 of factory and germination rooms for the development of our self-cultivation kit.

Our short-term intention is to provide our products to a mass consumer company and national reference, who can market all our items, from fresh organic product, conventional fresh mushrooms and specially our self-cultivation kit. In this way we offer to many clients the possibility of consuming or producing any type of high quality mushroom at a very affordable price.

First of all introduce me, my name is Sergio Mondéjar, Manager of Mushrooms Meli. In this letter I would like to present our company to you, so that you can learn more about our passion.

This business was started by my grandfather with a lot of effort and in a traditional and rudimentary way, an effort that our father later continued, giving me and my brother the opportunity to enjoy and grow with this business, and also the responsibility of never forgetting the values on which our grandfather cemented this project.
Nowadays we have 28,500m2 of crops, of which 3,500m2 are destined for organic crops. Thanks to these lands we produce between 320,000kg and 365,000kg per year that we distribute to all of Spain and Portugal, with a view to exporting to new countries during 2018.

For the proper work of the mushrooms, we have more than 3.000m2 of facilities, equipped with last generation production lines, in addition to several Innovation and Development rooms to continue innovating.
of our efforts to the development of a new product: the Champi Meli Box self-cultivation kits. These self-cultivation kits have as objective / aim to bring the consumption of mushrooms and mushrooms of quality to users, and enjoy them throughout the year. These kits have their own patent and utility model registration for those in which organic mushrooms are grown.

As you can see we offer you a wide variety of products, after much work, effort and enthusiasm, we get to develop something different in a traditional sector, we get alternative ways of producing mushrooms, to market unique products, we uncheck ourselves from the competition for variety, quality and business structure. The commitment with each of our clients is our priority.
I hope it is your pleasure and interest to try our products, on our part, we will make that trust a motivation to achieve what we propose, to enjoy the final consumer of different experiences in the mycological world.

Thank you for your attention.

Gracias por la atención prestada.

Atentamente, reciba un cordial saludo.

Sergio Mondejar

Gerente de Setas Meli S.

Know us better!


Nuestra pasión es ofrecerle las mejores setas y champiñones del mundo.

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16239 Casasimarro (Cuenca)
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