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Our story

Setas Meli is the third generation of farmers.

In 1972 our grandparents began with a small mushrooms cultivation. They were doing their own compost in a traditional way.

Later, in 1985, our father Melitón Mondéjar, built a warehouse where it started with the markteing of mushrooms, being one of the pioneers in the area of «La Manchuela».  About the year 1999 we got that anyone could enjoy at home growing their own packages of mushrooms in a very simple and fun way.

Moreover, we created our website in 2006, being pioneers, nationally, to launch our products online.

Then we started to modernize a traditional but beautiful family business. So, to grow mushrooms at home, in a garage or in any corner where are minimal conditions, is an amazing experience.

Nowadays, Setas Meli S.L has 42.000 m2 of conventional crops and 3.000 m2 of organic crops.

We innovate to provide leading-edge products, such as our Champi Meli Box Kits, which are patented by Setas Meli S.L, or our organic mushrooms Kits, which are registered as Utility model.

Finally, we want to thank all the people who trust in us and we hope you continue to enjoy our work as much as we do.