Self-Cultivation Kits

It was never easy to grow the best mushrooms at your own home! Place the kit anywhere in the house and you will collect the first harvest in 10 days.

100% Natural

Nuestros kits de autocultivo están compuestos por materiales 100% naturales, es parte de nuestro compromiso con el medio ambiente.


Este kit es un gran regalo para los más pequeños, ya que les acerca a la naturaleza y al cuidado del medio ambiente de una manera lúdica y entretenida.


Todos los componentes de nuestros kits de autocultivo son reciclables. Una vez utilizado, el compost puede servir como abono orgánico para plantas o jardines.

Spanish King Oyster mushrooms Kits

Spanish King Oyster mushrooms are one of the most characteristic varieties and thanks to our Self-Cultivation Kits you can get up 2 kgs grown at home.

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Korean King Oyster mushrooms Kits

Enjoy growing Korean King Oyster mushrooms in your own home.

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Paris button mushrooms Kits

Cultivate up to 3,5 kgs of Paris button mushrooms, the most used for cooking.

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Portobello button mushrooms Kits

Cook delicious recipes with Portobello button mushrooms grown by yourself.

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